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  • گرم، شہوت انگیز فروخت گلاب کوارٹز جیڈ یونی انڈے خواتین کے شرونیی پٹھوں کی تربیت کے لیے 3pcs سیٹ

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    Jade Quartz Yoni Eggs, Polished

    Item typer: Jade Eggs Set
    100% natural and genuine rose quartz crystal manually carved and polished with outstanding finishing from natural,without any chemical treatment or dyeing.Natural Rose Quartz Gemstone pre-drilled.Smooth, Perfect egg for kegel exercise

    Jade Eggs Size:
    Big size:approx.45 x 30mm/1.8x 1.2
    Medium size:approx. 40 x 25mm /1.6x 1
    Small size: approx.30 x 20mm/1.2x 0.8
    Stick Size: 100 x 20mm/4x0.8

    Packing List: 3 pcs yoni eggs with strings, 1 pcs storage pouch in cotton, 1pcs user manual, 1pcs packing box

    Most of you probably never skip your abs workout or cardio, but when is the last time you focused on your pelvic muscles? We know traditional Kegel exercises can be boring, which is why we want to use natural healing crystals to transform it into a Fun, Effective and Therapeutic experience. With each gentle squeeze, you’re bringing strength and healing to yoursacred garden”. Our Yoni Egg set should definitely become a staple in your holistic goddess wellness ritual.

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